Weeding is Good for Acne

Weeding is good for Acne? I’ll bet you are wondering if I have lost my mind. I have not, just read on and I will explain. (And its not about the exercise benefit of keeping your garden neat and trim either.)

The weed that you are looking for is the good, old fashioned dandelion. Our forebears understood its importance – it was used as a subtitute for greens when food stocks were low. Being highly nutritious, this comes as no surprise.

For people somewhat familiar with the herb, they will know it as an effective diuretic. The upside of dandelion above other plants is that it contains loads of potassium – so even though it flushes out your system, your potassium levels increase.

Now here is the part you have been waiting for – it can help to cure acne. All you need to do is to break open one of the stalks and squeeze some of the sap onto the affected areas. It works quickly to reduce swelling.

The leaves are a good way to add interest and nutrients to a plain old salad. Alternatively, pick three leaves every day and eat to help fight the acne from the inside.

Dandelion should always be used as fresh as possible – pick right before you are going to use it. It does not make a good dried herb as the sap is what is most beneficial and what you want.

The upside is that this is simple to cultivate – as most gardeners know, it is easy to grow and difficult to get rid of. You can have plenty for you and your family to enjoy – simply pop it in the ground and it is off.

You can also make a lotion by macerating the leaves and stems in vinegar. Use apple cider vinegar for best results. You will need around about a half as much dandelion as apple cider vinegar.

Store in a sunlit place for two weeks, vigourously shaking every day. Replace the herb with a fresh lot and repeat. The vinegar is now ready for use.

Apple cider vinegar, contrary to popular belief, is very good for your skin – use mixture to tone after cleansing and moisturize afterwards.

Dandelion is too useful to have earned the name of weed – the health benefits are numerous and include balancing of blood pressure, building body tissue and acting as an internal cleanser.